Looking Glass/Looking Class, Wire Mesh, Rolo Wrappers, Birthday Ribbon, Lanyard, Repurposed Lenses,  22" x 10" x 10"

Flower Put, Wire Mesh, Cable Ties, Faux Flower, Diameter - 50"

Alchemy: Pine wood, burned with stove, 108" x 48" x 5"

Dressed Up, Wire Mesh, Rolo Wrappers, Lanyard, Wood, Birthday Ribbon, 11" x 13" x 1" 

TONY’S DICK  - queen Sized Mattress box springs, burn pattern from stove  Special Thanks to Robert Jaco and St. Vincent De Paul’s DR3 Mattress recycling factory for the materials.  At to this MFA at SFAI Tony is the man, he makes big decisions, has big connections, and has an overall impressive countenance. For us it is fitting that he be a symbol for the system of which he is a part.  Therefore the creation of the sculpture “Tony’s Dick” is an attempt to harness Tony’s various forms of capital, both social and cultural, for my own uses. At the same time the structure and materials and patterning all have references to my experience as an MFA in San Francisco.  The skyscraper like visage is a reference to the opportunity of a graduating MFA to impact the cultural climate of a city represented by its skyline.  The use of stripped mattress box springs is a nod to the hotel, as well as the transient nature of San Francisco, especially in students and academics.    The sculpture is to be a rebellion (in the revolutionary style of SF) against the size limitation imposed by the rooms at the hotel (7 foot height), as well as a rebellion against the system of social capital that moderates the world of curating and grant allocation.  The penis/dick reference, like the work of Tony himself, and the Guerilla Girls, employs humor to soften its somewhat subversive blow, while comparing an archaic system of dominance (misogyny) to a more present system of cronyistic dominance evident in the professional practices of the contemporary art world.  As a leo it's part of my personality to love attention.  I see my self as a bit more sleek than a lion, more of a jaguar, as you can see from my spotted aesthetic.  I’ve created what is essentially a giant crate for an implied object, the presence or absence of which is irrelevant, the cultural cachet of Tony’s name is what matters.   The sculpture will eventually be burned to represent the dissemination of our MFA class and our ideas into the world’s climate. Discussion and establishment of idea-based networks will accompany the burning.  Tony’s dick is a monumental sculpture that activates and references its site and circumstance, as well as the attitude of an MFA about to be released into the wild.

Precious Held, Pine Wood Burned with Stove, Compostable Trash bags, Faux Flower, 36" x 48" x 4"